Saturday, 15 June 2013


So, recently heard about sixth sense? Don't have any idea what is it? As the name itself suggests, sixth sense technology has something to do with the predictions on the basis of sixth sense. Sixth sense is a device which is basically a wearable gestural interface developed by Pranav Mistry who is a PhD candidate at MIT lab.

Sixth technology efficiently uses a mirror, a pocket projector and a camera. They all are present in a small pendant like structure which is easily wearable around neck. All the components of the device i.e. sensors and cameras are in proper coordination with the mobile computing device which is kept in your pocket. Projector serves as a good medium for projecting visual information over any hard surface like walls or physical objects which can be efficiently used as an interface.  

Sixth sense technology
Sixth Sense Technology

In addition, the cameras serve as wonderful recognizer of hand gestures and physical objects which are well interpreted with the help of computer based techniques.

Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth sense tech is an advanced new technology which even accepts multi user interaction and multi touch. Google’s glasses which are being constructed under project X are also expected to be based on the same technology.
A lot more avenues still waiting to be discovered and developed! 

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